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For The Non-Professional Investor


Continue to keep DEBT down. If you need to go into DEBT try to keep it within your financial means.

INCOME:  Obtain and maintain a career title that provides you with an appropriate income and if possible job satisfaction. It will be to your advantage to enter a career that offers you additional  opportunities to master new emerging skills. Wherever you work just remember the COMPANY owns you for all the hours they pay you for. If this is a difficult concept to get into your head, think of the fact that when you leave your employment at the end of the day you have your personal freedom. If you were in jail you wouldn’t have those same freedoms. So try to be happy. Smile! It could be WORSE!!!


Best INVESTMENTS depend upon your socio-economic health. If you must invest it should be with only surplus money that you can afford to lose. If you do not have surplus wealth for stock market GAMBLING strongly consider varied types of educational programs that will help keep you viable in the ever evolving job market. During the past 20 years many employees who were resistant to the computer and had difficulty with the keyboard, etc resigned from their places of employmen whilet others simply decided to retire early. They weren’t counting on the US Economy sinking as INFLATION arrived and the World Economies plunged.




Gold Bullion

GOLD continues to move ahead.  On December 1, 2015 Gold Bullion was at $1,067.10 per ounce. On May 6, 2016 Gold Bullion closed at $1,290.20.

Silver Bullion

Silver closed at $13.85 an ounce on December 1, 2015. On May 6, 2016 Silver closed at  $17. 43.

For additional information go to http://www.kitco.com/ as one of many possible sites on Precious Metals.


They have been slowly moving up but the Precious Metals at this phase are doing better.

Present DIW Portfolio 

10%  Precious Metals as INSURANCE

90% CASH

No Long Term Debt

Affordable Housing

Quality Health

Quality Evolving Diet

Personal Insurance

LIMIT your Addictions- We are an addicted society, whether it is TV, movies, smoking, liquor, sex, dysfunctional behavior, computer, pornography, etc seek by joining a free support group.

Hobbies can help refocus your mind and possibly curtial your addiciton(S).

Expand Your Education

Meditation – Prayer – Mental Awareness

Learn Family Communication Skills

Family & Personal Mental Health For You And Your Loved Ones.


It continues to have difficulty breaking the 18,000 level and sustaining this level. If you have nimble hands you just might make some money in this unpredictable MARKET. Then again you just might lose a large amount of your investment.

ECONOMY RATING -UNDERPERFORMANCE.  We seem to be muddling through these unfortunate times. For about the past 10 years we have been in the MUDDLE ZONE. Perhaps a new political party should be named the MUDDLE PARTY. Perhaps we are all just muddlers.


You might find comfort in entering or continuing on your own spiritual path. We seem to have accepted addictions from A through Z as well as DYSFUNCTIONAL REALITY TV  as the norm. It seems we are in a world that has lost its moral and spiritual compass.

Best to prepare as best as possible for the New Muddle Way of Life.



Watch those RX pills your taking. Make sure you are not suffering memory lose or confusion, especially if your are investing and managing your money.



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